what we do?

The purpose of A Better World is to provide 55 disadvantaged youth with homework assistance, tutoring, mentoring, and a hot meal 5 days a week. Children and their families are also provided with access to counseling, toiletries, and home-good products.

Education is our first priority. Our program offers multiple learning styles because we understand that each student learns differently. For example some are auditory, others are kinesthetic or visual. The success of our program can in part be attributed to this approach.

A Better World keeps these children off the toughest streets of Ashley Park and Westchester communities, and away from the negative influence of gangs and juvenile violence. As a result, their grades improve, their confidence grows, and they get a new positive direction in their life. Your support ensures that these great kids can actualize their full potential.

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A Better World Programs

Homework Assistance & Tutoring

Students get help with their homework from afterschool teachers and volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring.

Family Support

We provide families with basic hygiene items, toiletries, and access to counseling.

Kid's Cafe

A feeding program through Second Harvest Food Bank; allows us to feed students a snack and dinner. Each student gets a bag of can-goods to take home each and ever Friday

Summer Camp

During the summer months when school is out ABW operates a summer camp that provides academic enrichment and extracurricular activities. Providing these services during the summer months keeps these at-risk children out of trouble by giving them a safe place to go.


Students are able to use web-based learning tools and complete homework assignments using the computers. We accept used or new computers and other devices that can be used for educational purposes. We refurbish computers for needy students & families for FREE. Our Lab has S.T.E.M. Science Technology Education and Math based activites daily.

Mini Bus

ABW has a 13 passenger mini bus for the students whose bus does not drop off at ABW and students that do not have a ride home. Our bus driver has a route which is followed five days a week.

Summer Trip

During the summer 30 children, many who have never left North Carolina, are taken on a trip to another state and get taken on a tour of that state’s most popular attractions.