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Prayers Answered
God, please help me. God bless my mom and her Fiancé. Help him not to hurt her again. In Jesus name Amen Prayer answered, the man who strangled the mom and pulled a gun on her is now incarcerated and does not pose a threat to the family.
God help me to understand why my brother got shot and died. Help my family to heal we are still sad and crying. Amen
Praying for help with school and to learn my letters. Also protect my mother from her boyfriend he is a gang member and mean to me. I pray for my mom, grandmother and sister.
I pray for the teachers to help me to learn and remember the things that I need to need do.
Pray for my Mommie and sister
One child’s mom had a heart attack, and she wants us to pray for her health. When I asked her was her dad in the home her response was I don’t have a dad. She is 7 and can’t write!!!
One of the boys wants to move in with his dad who is in a gang and treats him badly. He wants to ask God to help him understand why his mom and dad are split up.
Pray for the teachers in the school that they are more patient with the children and stop arguing with them.
Pray for mom and Nana who have Covid.
Getting bullied
Good grades
I want to improve my behavior in school, so I don’t make my mom sad
My mom’s health and my

grandma is covid crazy

My mom cries every day and night
The war and all the people dying, pray that this is the last war, stop and think before you start a war
Pass EOG’s and go to college so we can get good careers
Successful job and life
Make over $100,000 and work at the hospital
Learn to appreciate God and Jesus so you can have a good life
People cussing
Boys making nasty sounds
Rude teachers
Teachers are not fair – we need fairness at school
Fighting at school
Crimes and criminals
Racism in school
I just want to have a better life
For mom’s trucking business to take off
That the teacher and kids stop laughing at me when I answer questions, especially math questions
Grandmother is very sick, praying for healing
Dad is in jail for 10 years, praying for an early release
The dog is very sick and prays for healing
Pray that mom will cook breakfast in the morning, very hungry
Pray for more money to pay bills
Cousin was shot and died
Dad cut his leg
Granny had successful surgery, pray for her voice to come back
Uncle shot in the knee
Yaya’s house caught on fire, and she got burned on her leg
Most common responses collected from Survey completed by the Older Students

Parents persistently argue in front of the kids

Comments that really hurt like “I didn’t want you in the first place” or “you are stupid”

They feel abused mentally, emotionally and physically

They feel a lot of pressure to try to fit in the crowd

Feelings of being overwhelmed

Pray for family members that are incarcerated

Pray for the families’ financial resources

They feel neglected

Have a tough time admitting they are wrong or receiving discipline for lying

Have tendency to reject others so they will not be the first one to feel rejected

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